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Re-imaging the role of the horse

Welcome to this new and exciting field of incorporating horses into human development, growth, and learning. I say new because we still have volumes to learn about the tremendous ramifications and potentialities that horses offer to human consciousness and healing. Many people experience a sense of magic when around horses. This can simply be a feeling of lightness of being, or a sense of spiritual freedom: a place where there is no beginning and no end. Magic is an experience of possibility and synchronicity, where what wants to happen can happen. Anything is possible when magic is present.


"It is amazing how different the horses were today — wow! Your land, your energy field, your presence — it is a haven for these animals and they are healing. We feel blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks for all that you do. "

Rescue Team 2020
Yea Yunn 10/2020

"Ariana is undoubtedly the most motivated woman I know. Her determination, drive and love for life are a source of power from which she creates in a unique way. As a teacher, she is direct and strong, offering a reflection to step up and into the life that you aspire to, leaving doubts and hesitancy behind; bringing out the best in people who are ready to fly. "

Cassandra Ogier
Certified EGE™

"Ariana’s most unique gift is her ability to navigate seamlessly between the cognitive, mental world of our “thinking mind”, the place we are when we are “in our head”, and the somatic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual world that connect us to nature, where our senses and feelings reside. She is able to move between these two worlds, as a partner guide with the horses, leading people to discoveries about and within themselves that they could not otherwise find. This gift allows her to articulate the nuances of the process, as well as the relationship and interaction between the horse and the human during these encounters. It’s what has allowed her to not only do the work of EGE, but to teach others to do the work with such proficiency."

Hallie Bigliardi
Point Of Change, Certified EGE Level 5

"Ariana has the vision to see inevitable changes coming and sense their potential effects, giving her the opportunity to respond ahead of time and to be prepared, capitalizing on the change to make it positive. She also has the vision to see what could be, to see the potential, and to inspire others to catch the vision of hope and health through causing positive change."

"Ariana is like a lead mare, a direction setter, strong and confident, authentic and grounded. Her presence is one of stability and assuredness, comfortable in her own skin, knowing who she is and where she is going. Like a rock, she is not swayed by the opinions or judgments of others. "

"One of Ariana’s core motivations comes through her gift of compassion. Compassion is defined as a sympathetic consciousness of other’ distress together with a desire to alleviate it. Ariana recognizes the distress in people, and she sees the distress in our environment. She knows there is potential for healing for both by reconnecting these two worlds, and motivated by her compassion, she focuses her gifts on helping to bring about their reconnection to “alleviate their distress”."

"Ariana is a natural teacher, coach and mentor. At her core is a motivation to help others grow and succeed, to reach their full potential of contribution, all for the sake of the greater good, for humanity and the natural world. "

"So, what makes Ariana unique? It is as if you are from another time. You bring something to the world that draws from an ancient wisdom and at the same time represents new thinking. You are a pioneer. The role you have played in defining the field of Equine Guided Education is fundamental to its existence and its future. I also believe you are a true renaissance woman, multi-talented as an artist, horsewoman, teacher, spiritual guide, land steward, spouse, mother, friend, animal lover/healer, wine making, community building, entrepreneur. I have truly never met anyone else like you. "

June Gunter
Teaching Horse, Certified EGE

"Ariana's unique gift is that she absolutely cannot help but embody the truth of what she teaches, and she does it in the most inspiring and skillful way. Another unique gift that ariana has is her amazing capacity to show us what it means to have a feminine form of understanding and power. There is something so incredibly female about everything that she teaches, even if she doesn't emphasize it that way. There is a reason that so many women are constantly surrounding her. Femininity and power have come to be opposites in our society, a dichotomy that we haven't seemed to figure out how to sort out. Women in power have to be manly, have to embrace a linear mode of thinking. She somehow breaks all of that and just shows us how to be both"

Amy Berliner
Amy's Kitchen, Certified EGE

"Ariana has a deep and spiritual connection with animals and mother nature. She is naturally able to communicate with the spirits of the land, and the animals. She is in tune with the innermost feelings of those beings that speak without words. With this gift, she has pioneered a field which translates this soul language into transformational heart openings for people. She teaches how the outer world, is merely a reflection of the inner world. She has created a bridge between the animal world and humans that helps create unity on mother earth. "

Kansas Carradine
Cavalia, Certified EGE

"She integrates what is happening in the physical world with what is happening in the non-physical world. There are times when words cannot bridge these, yet she pursues…either through the eyes of the horse, or the birds that fly over, or the wind or rain that comes in to the space; or how the individuals body is moving (or not moving); or to the questions that keep coming up within her own mind or body. Her questions are a bridge between the physical and non-physical world. Ariana lives the intuition while most people talk about the intuition. "

Pat Wagner

"Ariana’s most unique gift is her ability to navigate seamlessly between the cognitive, mental world of our “thinking mind”, the place we are when we are “in our head”, and the somatic, energetic, intuitive, and spiritual world that connect us to nature, where our senses and feelings reside. She is able to move between these two worlds, as a partner guide with the horses, leading people to discoveries about and within themselves that they could not otherwise find. "


My unique leadership  approach is integral in numerous leadership institutes throughout the world, including Institute for Womens Leadership. I have developed over 6000 leaders and executive coaches since 1989. I am a seasoned keynote speaker, presenter and have created over sixteen international leadership conferences in Somatics, Leadership and Equine healing modalities. I am available for consultation, custom leadership programs, team building and demonstrations. 


The power of coaching with horses and nature

Time with horses, like time in nature, calms the soul and brings us effortlessly to the present moment. These times require us to re-evaluate who we are and what is important to us. I am seeing an increased need for self care, simplifying our lifestyles, and adapting a resilient approach to these uncertain times. I love working outdoors and with horses, because our whole body, our somatic self is engaged.

As a Master Somatic Coach and Visionary Leader, I am here to help you move through transitions and create the success and satisfaction in life you're looking for. My skills are unique, successful and out of the box. For group or private engagements for your business and/or teams contact me directly for a quote.

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5 DAY Equine Guided Somatics™

This 5 Day Program is a complete immersion geared toward going deeper into WHO YOU ARE NOW and WHO YOU ARE BECOMING. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS and AMBITIONS, and WHAT ARE THE OLD PATTERNS, OR STORIES that may be stopping you from moving forward. The horses as guides offer unique and profound feedback about our underlying feelings about our subject matter and wait for us patiently to arrive at our new story of who we want to be now and how we want to live our lives, both personally and professional.

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The Power of Somatics

Somatics works with the emotional, physical, linguistic, and ontological aspects of each individual to achieve a depth of learning that academic learning alone cannot achieve. 

The word Somatics comes from the Greek word ‘Soma’, which translates as ‘the living body in its wholeness: the mind, the body, and the spirit as a unity’.  It is more than working on the body, or including the body as an aspect of learning.  The art of Somatics as a coaching tool incorporates the knowledge of body memory, new perspectives, and learning new skills.

Body Memory

Shifting perspectives and paradigms

Recurrent practice



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