Equine Guided Somatics™


Expand your senses, let your intuition out to play, experience the somatic wizardry of horses, and get re-connected to nature. With these complex times, it's imperative that we simplify our lives and align our actions to our values. It is time for sustainability in our lives (self-care, community, agriculture, health, global economy, and education).  Ariana and her Earth Whisperer team have been helping people get reconnected to their passion and purpose for over 28 years. Invest in yourself. Take the time you need to integrate new goals and move forward with a renewed sense of purpose in your life.

Program days go from 10am to 5pm each day. Morning and afternoon snacks are included. No riding experience required, and we will not be riding horses or focusing on horsemanship. 

The Heart Of The Matter

Horses help us get to the heart of the matter in minutes versus the months it can take in traditional therapy and coaching sessions. As a recent participant offered,
"I made more progress and change in this EGE course than twelve years of therapy. My life is forever changed."

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