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We're excited that you are ready to join our elite group of SkyHorse EGE™ Professionals, facilitated by Ariana Strozzi Mazzucchi, EGE Founder and Master Somatic Coach.

Our commitment is to support you, and be a place of resource for deepening your knowledge and building a successful practice. We encourage you to request specific topics of interest and ask for the support you need. pertinent to developing and supporting your EGE expertise and offers. We'll develop some of these topics and resources as we go; insurance, outreach, non-profit, business development, curriculum design, facility development, incorporating other modalities (like yoga, meditation, art therapy, somatics) and more. 

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  • MONTHLY Group Call including Check-in, Request a Topic, Community Accountability, Q & A, New Somatic Practice and more, 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 5 - 6:30p
  • Private Access to Ariana’s OPEN OFFICE HOURS for 15 Min. Coaching Opportunities, 3rd Tuesday of the Month, 5 - 6:30p
  • LIBRARY OF RESOURCES section to include Coaching Best Practices, Business Development, Marketing Materials, Poems/Articles/Papers and Client Genre Niche Development
  • COMMUNITY ‘Members Only’ FORUM to post Successes & Struggles, Inspiration/Coaching Tips/Member Challenges, Video Submissions, Networking and Feedback/Shared Ideas


+ plus 20% discount on all SkyHorseEGETM apparel
+ plus 20% off on Private Coaching with Ariana
+ plus 50% of EGS-1 and EGC-2 for Advanced Students
+ plus 20% off early bird purchase on any new SkyHorseEGETM products
+ plus 20% off on Casari Ranch programs, events and Farm Stays at Deerhaven (not including lodging during EGE courses)

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